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Quarantining Platys

Don H

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I’m currently quarantining 4 platys I got from Petsmart.  Sadly, that’s all my area has now.   In the 1990s we had about 5 or 6 privately owned fish stores.  I got them on Friday April 1st.  They had white poop and were flashing.  I treated them with internal parasite medicine and medicated food and methylene blue.  I did a full treatment for both.  The internal parasites were gone, but they were still flashing.  One died Tuesday April 5th, so I brought it back and got a new fish (same tank, there was a few leftover from the weekend).  Petsmart gives you 14 days.  I decided to treat them with salt and let the last dose of meds marinate.  1 of the 4 original fish never showed any signs of illness and seems healthy.  The newer fish was flashing when I got it, but has since stopped with the salt.  I’ve been adding some and waiting a few days each time.  There’s one fish still flashing, but it’s doing it a lot less.  I still added some more salt today (Wednesday April 13, as I type this, it’s passed midnight, so technically it’s Thursday).  I now have 9 tablespoons of salt in a 10 gallon. 

Okay, so here’s my big question.  Do I keep them in quarantine for a month from the last sign of symptoms or a month from when I got them assuming the symptoms have subsided by that time and no new ones have popped up?  

I’m hoping the one still flashing will be symptom free by the end of this week.  She’s barely flashing now, I had to watch them for an hour to see her do it once.  That would give me about 2 weeks until the end of their full month.  I’m planning on adding them if they are free of symptoms that last two weeks after I do a few water changes to lower the salt level in the tank. The tank they are going into has no salt and has several plants. 

Any thoughts or advice are welcome. Thank you. 

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