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What changes could be made to make my 125 the best it can be?


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On 4/13/2022 at 9:08 AM, Gannon said:


This tank currently houses 5 clouded archerfish, 6 denison barbs (with 4 more in quarantine coming), 4 boesmani rainbowfish, and 1 shy green phantom pleco. The tank is run by an fx6 canister filter and 2 fluval LED heaters.

I was wondering what you all think of the scape, stock, and plants as well as what changes and additions you would make?

I'm planning on donating the rainbows to my local fish store to make more room in the stock and im interested in adding more plants to the scape at least. 



I wouldn't really change anything. Of course, I love the rainbows, so I might be biased,

With more plants coming, I would plant on the left to obscure the view (but not the function) of the poewr head. While I was at it, I would probably put a Co-op sponge filter on the bottom of the power head.

Possibly add some cories, or some other bottom tank swimmer to keep the sand turned over and make tank maintenance easier.

Beautiful tank, and very soothing and peaceful to look at. Jealous of your archers, they have been on my bucketlist.

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On 4/13/2022 at 2:51 PM, AndEEss said:

Re; temperament, I have 20+ cory cats, to include a recent addition of four young, ~3/4" panda cory. All four seem to be thriving, despite the fish-missiles lurking in the shadows that share the same food sources.

I just snortled on the "fish-missiles" as that is soooo accurate!!!!

On 4/13/2022 at 5:28 PM, Gannon said:

I would totally be for some larger pieces of manzanita if I could find one that flows with the sense of direction in either side of the tank. I'll look into this

I'm not sure I would add any wood, and I *love* wood in the tank. I scavenge and soak, and add so much wood to most of my tanks it lowers the pH and is awesome for adding tannins. Your sand, plant configuration, and the fish you have don't really instill a drive for wood to be added.... I agree with BeardedBillyGoat's recommendations regarding plants for the left and potential stocking increases.

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