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Flowering Vallisneria

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I've got some Vallisneria flowering like crazy. Thought I'd share. 

I wonder if anyone knows why Val flowers? I've never had it do this before. It's sending up dozens of little blooms. The tank is an a greenhouse. Maybe the shorter days are triggering it? Temp ranges between 75-65. 

It's gonna be time to break this tank down for the winter soon, and I will miss the val. I started with 5 plants in the tank in May. 




The flowers sprout up in these long curls, then bloom when they hit the surface. (Forgive the reflections. There's not I can do to take photos in the greenhouse without getting them.)


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My val died, and its spot in the corner is bare. 🙁 On the plus side my water sprite is going nuts and I already cut off one "runner" (not sure of technical name but it had its own roots) to sacrifice in my quarantine tank and another runner is ready to be cut when the time comes.

And all 12 of my baby dwarf emerald rasboras made it thru the night! Here's the tiniest one, a bit worrisome he (?) seems to stay off by himself alot, but joins the group occasionally.20201018_043050.jpg.2d706ed2448b3e30f49d67ad8efa44bd.jpg

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