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Beginner hobbyist in Vancouver 🇨🇦


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Hi everyone

Beginner hobbyist here in Vancouver Canada. Started with a 10/33 gallon long long time ago but during covid inching to start up the hobby again.

Started with some mutt guppies in the 10 gallon to speed the cycle and eventually scored a deal on fb marketplace for a huge tank.

currently breeding blue ram, dumbo platium guppies, platy/swordtail to fill up my 280 gallon community tank.

Trying to find new black substrate for the price is impossible at the moment (~$50 a bag of eco complete). 







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Welcome back to the hobby. I too just got back into it after years away.  I'm now wishing I had started it back up ages ago. All I have is a small tank wtih some killifish and corys in it, but I'm loving every minute of it. They are both super fun species to have.

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