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Duh! A good stocking idea, better late than never.


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I've been kind of bored with my 10g ginga sulphureus tank lately.

It feels like the males take forever to color up, so there's just not as much visual variety as I'd like, but I still want to produce more of them. I've been working on making it better in my own version of "one tank at a time" renovations. I'll post before and afters one day when my new wood is waterlogged; I've also painted the back, added new plants.

Today I was (as usual) separating and moving blue platy fry from the 20 long and I thought "why not put some blue babies in this yellow guppy tank?" I'm kind of embarrassed that I hadn't thought of it before--in my plans to keep the gingas a pure strain, I forgot I could put non-guppies and non-mollies in there. Even just a trio of blue baby platies brings some zest to the tank.

Now I am thinking I might do something REALLY crazy like add a few non-livebearers,  maybe a little school of neons or ember tetras. I have a QT tank that is sitting empty because some other fish I ordered got canceled. Kinda feels like I could do anything, lol.

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Only slightly less impulsive than my driftwood purchase, I went from 0 to 60 with my new idea and ordered green neons for my ginga tank AND my 20g long. It will be hard to be patient with QT because I will be longing to see them in a really planted tank.


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