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Live worms please help!


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I have another thread going…but I’m super anxious  I noticed a little thing hitting out of Clem so I decided to try and take it off  it disappeared while we handled him and couldn’t see it  he lost a scale so I scraped under it and there are some long threads zooming in the look red  

and then I saw another little black thing and looked  my microscope only goes to 60  



Ammonia zero

nitrite zero

nitrate 5.0

50% water change today   Used prime eating well  I could have used my other thread but again, little upset  








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THANK YOU! Hopefully its going to be easy to treat?  Gosh that was gross!!!

How long can they live with anchor worms? Could my betta have brought it home? I had switched some plants around so I know 'stuff' was passed around. I'm a very slow learner!


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