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White dots


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Not sure what these are. Just noticed them over the past couple of days. Any thoughts? In my tank is 3 platys and guppies. Along with 2 mystery snails and 2 nerite snails and a couple of ghost shrimp. 



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On 4/12/2022 at 8:33 AM, Uttjrt3 said:

Pretty sure I figured out they are nerite snail eggs. Now what's the best way to remove them or can I just let them break down themselves since they don't really hatch in fresh water.

Mine just remain there, I have noticed they do not disappear or breakdown.  The only way I can ever remove them is if I scratch at them with my nail. I'm sure in time they breakdown but I just look right past them and focus on the bladder snails that drive me insane.

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