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Betta being treated with maracyn, about to run out


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So I've been treating my betta with maracyn because he had a lot of bacterial stuff going on, he's getting better, moving around more, but he's still slightly pinecone-y, something I'm 98% sure is dropsy. He also had fin rot, I think it's stopped at this point, I'm starting to see the fins grow back a little. I fell into that cycle of not checking the water and got busy and this happened, 100% my fault, I'm just trying to fix it.

I've gone through a full round of maracyn but I have a problem. I only have 3 packets of maracyn left and he most likely needs one more full 5 packet round of it. He's in a 10 gallon hospital tank, I don't get paid till Thursday, what do yall suggest I do? I can't pick it up locally, no one here carries it. Do the regimen as instructed until I run out and hope for the best, is there another medicine that's more readily available that's comparable? Should I wait a week until I have more of the medicine ordered?

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