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Hello, pleasure to be here, help please


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Hi from Boone, NC.  Happy I found aquarium coop and this forum.   I have 2 tanks, a 125 and a 29.  The large one holds 5 goldfish I rescued from the previous house owners “koi” pond I eliminated 17 months ago.  There are also to bristlenose plecos.  The other I am just getting established with cherry shrimp.   I bought Java moss from local store and put it in 29 gal tank.  A few days later fish fry appeared in that tank.  Must have been eggs in the moss.   I am trying to figure out what kind of fish they are.  If they are something like small tetras I’ll just leave them there.  If they are going to be big enough to eat my shrimp I’ll just net them out and feed them to the Goldies.  The pictures are of my 2 tanks, a picture of the fry at about 10 days old, and a picture of a fry I just took, which makes it about 3 weeks old.  Anyone know what kind it is?  The fish store owner told me he got the moss from a local person but does not know what else was in the tank.  At the fish store there was only one small Beta and one pleco in the tank. 






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