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Tank crashed, do I risk Maracyn to save fish?


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So my tank crashed for some unknown reason a little over a week ago. I tested before a water change and the nitrites were over 10ppm. I've added Sachem Prime and API quick start periodically to help, and I've also been doing 50%+ water changes every other day. The nitrites keep going up slowly, The water right now sits at:

Nitrate: 10ppm

Nitrite ~.10 ppm

GH 200ppm

KH 40

pH 7.0

Ammonia: 0 (the ammonia never spiked that I saw, just nitrites) 

My fish (Mollies) are starting to suffer from the bad water quality and I've been loosing a few fry. They have major fin rot and are getting sores on their bodies. Is it worth it to risk adding Maracyn to treat it? I know it can kill your beneficial bacteria and I'm working so hard to build it up again, but if its just going to kill it all again once its established, why wait? Or is it better to just keep doing as I have been and hope the parameters will settle and the fish will get better on their own? (I have plants and shrimp, so i don't want to add salt) 


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The most in important thing is to get your nitirtes to zero without doing this the treatment won't be very effective as you haven't dealt with the cause of their illness I would do two 50% water changes one in the morning and one in the evening to get your nitirtes as low as possible then I would do daily 50% water changes and add a double dose of prime I would stop feeding for a couple of days add some Aquarium salt that will help with nitirte poisoning 1table spoon for 2 gallons just remember to only put back in what you take out so if you do a 10 gallons water change put 5 table spoons of salt back in that will also help with the body sores 

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