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My two tanks


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Many many years ago I had a beautiful 125 gallon community tank. It was nicely scaped with natural rock and artificial plants. I loved it, caring for the tank and feeding the fish were highlights of my day.

One divorce and about 21 years later I decided to jump back into the hobby and try my hand at live plants. I consumed every second of YouTube videos I could and discovered ACO.

It's been about two months since I set these up and I'm extremely happy with the progress.


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I really like these! Nice work.

Something you can think about . . . I see you've got a fair bit of algae building up. If you wanted to back that down, you can adjust your photo period (length of time lights are on) or you can mute your lighting.

I'm a cheapskate. So what I do is use black cupboard liner over the top off the glass lids (I get it at Walmart).


When I use it, I keep the same photo period, but just lay a cut-to-size piece on the top of tanks under lights as I like. Here are some examples of with / without. Not too drastic, but enough to regulate light some.

The liner under my 55 gal LED light looks like this...


When it is off / not used, the full light looks like this...


When it is partially under the light, allowing full light on only part of the tank (the back) it looks like this...


And then, when fully under, it looks like this...


And here' a look at a 33 gal long with cheap LED shop lights -- without / with light filter...



Basically, I put filters on when I feed in the evening, and take them off when feed in the morning. This allows a sort of "sunrise / sunset" effect for the fish so that when lights come on, the impact is less intense than without filters.

Here is a view of the fishroom with filters on...


On another line of thought, there's a guy over somewhere in Switzerland (?) YouTue channel freshwatertanks who does great work with those square tanks. I really enjoy watching his setups...

And another tangent . . . If I had your tanks, I'd eventually want to try out some U.S. Native pygmy sunfish . . . Elassoma Gilberti...




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On 4/9/2022 at 10:27 AM, Apulo said:

I have actually adjusted both lights to Bentley Pascoe's settings just recently and in the bigger tank I adjusted the co2, it wasn't quite enough.

Bently is the man! It's difficult to find balance with new tanks.

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