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Is this mouth rot?

FL Crocodiles

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Recently one of my silvertip tetras seems to be missing part of his mouth, and is what I can only describe as constantly "glugging" rapidly.  This also seems to be causing difficulty for him to eat, however he is otherwise behaving completely normal.

I am guessing this is mouth rot, but I don't see any white patches, so wanted to see if anyone else could offer any insights.  I have attached a few pictures.  I have been treating with food medicated with Kanaplex (mixed with bug bites in pectin) for the past 2 days with no apparent change in the fish's condition yet.

Thank you for any help!


Water parameters are as follows:

  • pH = 7.8
  • Nitrates = ~10-20ppm
  • Hardness= Don't have a kit, however the tap water here is around 9GH
  • Nitrite- 0
  • Ammonia- 0
  • KH/Buffer- Don't have a kit, however I have a layer of crushed coral on top of my gravel substrate w/ a UGF
  • Water temperature - 75F






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It's difficult to tell if it's mouth rot the best treatment is a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment like kanaplex in food and jungal fungas clear fizz tabs containing nitrofurazone together following this treatment schedule using jungal fungas clear instead of furan2 as it has been discontinued  i would Qarantine and treat him separately 



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