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Amazon Puffers


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Hi, I have gotten myself two beautiful and cute Amazon puffers, I have kept Amazon puffers before when I was super super young and now I currently have 6 pea puffers in a dedicated pea puffer tank.

However, the Amazon puffers are the new addition in their own tank and I want to do right by them and give them a good life. I already went trough the deworm process and quarantine. However I can't yet grasp like how much I need to feed these guys a week? I know they will eat and eat and eat until they cant no more.  I am focused on frozen foods mostly "Blood worms", and then addition I get some snails from local store now and then just to make sure the teeth on the puffers are perfect and to keep them busy since they are busy fish. So can I ask for a preference on how much one should feed your Amazon puffers and how often? 

Another question is that we mostly only get golden apple snails, in our local stores a lot and seems easier to get. Can this also be a good way for the Amazon puffers to chow down on to file the teeth or are these snails just simply to big?

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