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Tips on getting out something stuck in a fish's mouth?


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So my ruby barbs are amazing but utterly dumb.

So dumb, in fact, that one of them has something stuck in her mouth that she can't dislodge. She can suck it partway down to the back of her mouth, and then try to spit it out and it gets.... stuck. I have attempted to net her and get it out with tweezers but she sucks it too far back for me to pull out. I have no idea what it is.

How can I help this fish? I can try to get my husband to give it a go tomorrow, but it's definitely stressing me out.

Edit to Elaborate: The fish is small, about 1.5 inches or so. The mouth is very small and she clamps it shut when I try to pull her out to take a look.

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NEVERMIND! Extraction efforts were successful this morning! She ate a stem of some plant or another and it was too big for her throat. It was hollow so we managed to pull it out; we held her under the water the whole time so she could keep breathing. All is well and now we let her mouth and throat recover.

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