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snail mystery


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...Not mystery snails - which I do also have...

But, trumpet snails, at least I think?

Ok...  so back story, I have not added any new plants to my tank since April of 2021 (so, a year ago).  I have added a few new angels, and a few new cardinal tetras (after QT) but nothing else in many months as well...

Suddenly I seem to have a little outbreak of trumpet babies...  A year later???  Is that possible??

I guess I'm not mad, but, how??🤪

----- Edited to add:

I lied!!  I had to go back and check my co-op orders...  the last plants I added were in October 2021! 

But still, 6 months ago?


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catching myself in an unintentional lie LOL!
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I can believe it because they are so good at hiding, at least in my tank. I must have gotten some in as eggs on plants.  I've seen tiny MTS on my flat rocks first thing in the morning on several occasions and then one day last week I realized I was looking at an adult that was half an inch long! Never before spotted in an in-between state--I've only ever seen tinies and then bam! biggest one ever.

I have a clear memory of not liking them in my long-ago tanks so I didn't really want them. I find their faces a bit creepy. So now that I do have them my policy is to not look at them too closely and just mind my own business, lol.

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