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Amazon Sword Problem?

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Hello everyone. I have two large Amazon Swords (see pics) that have holes in the leaves. I can't tell if it's a nutrient deficiency or if something in the tank is eating them. I use root tabs and liquid ferts, so I don't think it's a nutrient deficiency. The fish I have in the tank that could potentially be eating them are a single Bristle-nosed Pleco, a couple Panda Garras and a couple of Buenos Aires Tetras. I didn't think that the Bristle nose would eat a healthy sword, especially if it has plenty of drift wood to munch on. I know that the B.A. Tetras will sometimes eat plants, but I've never seen them do it and I keep them well fed. As far as the Panda Garras go, I didn't think they ate live plants, either. Any thoughts?





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