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What plants are good for a CO2 system with low/medium light?

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I recently set up a CO2 system to my 55 gallon tank, and so far so good.  I currently have a low/medium light set up, and will not be upgrading that for awhile.  The CO2 has been running for three weeks now, and my current plants, all low tech ones, are growing faster.  Even the Anbuias have been sending out new leaves quicker, and my Crypts had no melting either from the change, they are still happily spreading like they did before.  It also obliterated the the Black Beard Algae I had in my tank, so very good thing there.

I was wondering, does anyone have good plant suggestions for a tank with CO2 injection, but not the high powered lights?  My current plants are the usual types for a low tech tank, and most were purchased from Aquarium Co-Op, but I am trying to find some more good candidates that that can take advantage of the new CO2 system that is in place, but don't need powerful lighting.

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I would second these three. Especially moss.

Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus'

Java Moss

Bacopa Caroliniana

Another big one I've had success with is Jungle Val (especially in a tank with some otos or shrimp to keep it clean.

The main thing is just to keep lighting under control. Some plants want very different types of light and understanding what they thrive in is one task, providing each their specific need by where you plant them is another.

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