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90 gallon blackwater journal

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Starting my first ever journal on this forum super excited, this is going to be a blackwater community. Future fish stocking: Ivanacara Adoketa pair, rummynose tetras, l081 gold nuggets, columbian tetras, bristlenose plecos not sure what species, corydoras cw023 orange lazer, chilodus punctatus.

Plant stocking: hydrocotle leucophola, cryptocoryne flamingo, bucephelandra biblis, saggitaria subulata and a tiger lotus. 
The filter is a fluval 306 canister with biorings and sponge. Currently I have some palm leaves and alder cones also have a big piece of mangrove wood that will probably leechsome more blackwater.

This journal will probably also include my 45 gallon.

pheew this got long now some pitcures.





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