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Hi from the Bay Area!


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Hi all, just stopping in for an intro. I'm not new to aquariums, but new to planted. My current main setup:

UNS 20 gal long with a school of neon tetras, a pair of ottos, and 5 amano shrimp. Tank is 2 months old, no C02. Bioload is pretty light and I may pick up a few nerite snails to help control some of the algae I'm fighting. Running lily pipes as well as this will home to our Betta who is currently waiting it a small 3 gal planted. 

Plants (I may butcher some of these names): rotalia rotundafolia, AR mini, AR (2 types I can't remember), lagenandara meedboli red/green, weeping moss, monte carlo grass (trying to grow a carpet), anubias nana and coffeola, Pink Panther crypt, and a pair of Brazilian Swords.  Funny thing, I said I was going to start with a moderately planted tank......

I used to have a 50 gal tank for 3 Oscars and swore off aquariums for awhile since I was waiting to get my "forever home". But if you're familiar with the the Bay Area you know that it'll take forever to get a home that's not a condo. So I gave in and decided start over with a smaller tank. 

Have a great day/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world!!



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Hi! Welcome to the forum, great start on the tank! You should get 6 or so more Otos, they're shoaling fish and will help with the algae (though you do have to supplement their diet) they are low on the bioload and their natural behaviors come out more when there are more of them. (I have 50-60 in one 10 gallon tank and they do well) 

Nerites are also awesome tank cleaners. If you can find the Horned variety I find they're one of the best of the best for whatever reason. Some nerites tend to stick to certain surfaces!


I have about 14-18 in my 20 gallon tall that had 10 harlequin rasboras, 3 mystery snails and several nerites, no bioload issues there either.

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I believe it. This is actually the first time that I've built a community tank. Obviously with Oscars and cichlids, you're limited with the type of fish you can put and community fish = feeders. Haha. 

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