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10G Little Reddo tank (betta)

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On 4/2/2022 at 7:02 PM, AndreaW said:


Does Reddo like the black background? I tried a background on my betta tank and it lasted less than 5 minutes after he flared and flipped out.

He does not seem to notice. I had him with my neon tetras for almost a year in this 10 G and there were no issues. I moved the fish a couple of times due to algae overtaking the tank, upgraded to a 20 G and added 2 neons to make them 8 total. After all fish made it back into the 20, the neons turned on him and I had to split them up. 

 At this point I imagine he is just happy no one is nipping his fins! Occasionally the mystery snail will fall from above, but he seems to be getting the idea to avoid that now, and is living his best life. The neons have new panda cory, and oto friends that are more their speed, I'll be making a journal for them in the near future.

My black backround is construction paper taped on the back, so it may not be as reflective.

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