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Greetings from Canada Eh


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Good afternoon everyone,

Been looking for an active forum for a while, our local club forums have been pretty dead the past year or two - I think its just a dying breed unfortunately. I live in South-western Ontario and given the water chemistry enjoy a plethora of different rift lake cichlids, a few livebearers and synodontis. Currently I am expanding into more livebearers, ancistrus plecos, and corydoras catfish. Presently I have 25 aquariums going from 5 gallons to 90 gallon with a 125 in the works along with some other mid size aquariums (should be capped at 30-32 tanks depending how hard I tetris them in my 120sqft room haha). Looking forward to continuing learning about the hobby and having fun seeing what others are doing. All the best!



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