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What smaller fish can go with blood parrots?


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Has anyone tried to put any small fish with blood parrots? I've always liked the idea of BIG american cichlids along with a huge school of tetras/other small fish, but most of the time they're so big that the tetras are at risk of being eaten.

Well we all know how the blood parrot's mouth is extremely small and cannot do much harm right? I was thinking of mixing a bigger kind of tetra with them to form a beautiful community of big parrots + tons of smaller fish.

What do you think about this? My candidates are:
Skirt tetras
Buenos Aires Tetra
Monk Tetra
Tiger Barbs (worried about blood parrot fins)
Congo tetra (too expensive though, and want smaller fish than this)
Wagtail platies

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The adult platies might be fine, but I'd worry about any babies they produce. My blood parrot is crazy aggressive and will go after any live food I put in my tank for my ctenopoma and bichirs.

I'd try anything that gets at least 2 inches. Buenos Aires Tetra are really cool, but I heard they can be nippy like Tiger Barbs, and need to be kept in large schools. 

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