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Hello from the West Coast of Wisconsin

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I'm Tom, from near La Crosse, Wisconsin. I just got infected by MTS and am starting to set up a 75 gallon tank.

My current tanks have Bettas, CPO crayfish, Honey Gouramis, Khuli Loaches, Butterfly Loaches, and some glowfish Tetras. I am looking to add discus and possibly angle fish when I get the 75 established. I am also intrigued by dragon goby, although I don't know if they will go together.

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Welcome! Been to WI only once, but it was an excellent experience - it was summer - and I became a fan of cheese curds ever since 🙂

You'll see lots of journals here, hope you'll start one to share your 75 journey, especially discus! I'm working on 75s for south american fish too, can't wait to get to the adding fish part. Would love to see what choices you're considering for substrate, lighting, etc. Good luck with your project!

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I'm over near Lake Winnebago myself. Short and true story... I've been down south several times, but the only time I've eaten Alligator was at Buzzard Billy's in downtown La Crosse. 

Some of those discus just blow my mind. Which color variety do you like?

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