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Blue dwarf gourami not moving, or eating


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I have 4 new Blue Dwarf Gouramis. They went straight into a prepared quarantine tank, water parameters within range, no Ammonia or Nitrite. The water temp is at 80°F. He was eating when he first came in on Saturday. But now he is not eating, not swimming, just floating around. I do not see anything on his fins, gills, fungus, worms, or eyes. I have used ich treatment, general cure, melafix for the first 4 days. But now I am on to the erythromycin treatment.  The other 3 fish are fine. 
Please if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.


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On 3/31/2022 at 1:02 PM, Henry Li said:

Yeah it could be case male gouramis are VERY territorial another male gourami might have attacked this one for getting too close to his territory.

Four in a tank makes me wince, but I've only ever done one because of the notoriety of their aggression.  This guy looks a little beat up.  

@Crayolagirl How big is the quarantine tank these are in?

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Thank you everyone,  I have noticed alittle bit of shoving the first day but no nipping and then it stopped. I have been working from home all week so i have been able to monitor almost all day each day. Now everyone seems to have their own area and there is no aggressiveness now. I have several things for cover and hiding. It is a 10 gallon quarantine.  I am taking him out alone and we will see if he perks up. Poor little buddy. 

I can no find any illness though so far. 

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Unfortunately the little fella has passed despite all efforts. The other 3 look ok and I have separated all of them in to their own quarantine tanks.

I have a 75 gallon planted tank with lots of wood, rocks, and plants. The only thing going in with the Gouramis was some mystery snails, tetras, and endlers. Do you think they will fight in there too? I have read they all should find their own area.

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