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Help setting up German Blue Ram tank


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Hey, y'all.

I have an empty 40gal breeder that I'm thinking of setting up for German Blue Rams. I'd like to have live plants, nicely scaped, maybe another kind of fish swimming around in there. And I'm not 100% sure I need them to breed, but that would be pretty neat. But, basically, I wanna have a display tank with the possibility of breeding.

Plants? I've heard that I might need plants that specifically will like the higher 85 deg temp. Any suggestions there?

Hardscape? Caves, right? Can I make those out of rocks and wood, or do they need to be, like, a coconut shell? And these guys need, like, a terracotta pot for eggs, right? Or is any flat rock kinda thing okay?

Tank mates? Can you suggest cleanup crew and maybe something fun dither fish that'll live with them well?

I have a basic understanding of their needs from the googles, but there're so many of you here I figure you'll have some good suggestions. And probably plenty of you have set up the exact same thing.


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For plants i would go on to buceplant (the prices are a little high because of inflation) and in the search bar on the website i would turn on the filter and select care level easy. I have never owned a GBR, beautiful fish though. If you go to liveaquaria on line you can click GBR and if you scroll down a little on the species you can find some info. On liveaquaria it tells you the fishes temperament and GBR is a peaceful temperament so i recommend corys, kuhlii loaches, pleco. For hard scape I recommend just looking around your LFS and look for rocks and sticks that look enteresting.

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