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Native Beauty

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Everywhere I turn in my tiny fishroom, I encounter beauty from far away, selectively bred with a passion for brilliant color.

Young discus…


African Killis…



Thai Bettas…


Dwarf cichlid Amazonian gemstones…


But today, I am struck by native North American beauty. I’ve kept Dace and Darters together in a cold winter tank. Just now, they are beginning to color up with brilliant bursts of wild spring desire.


Southern Redbelly Dace:

Rainbow Darter:


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My dream is to setup a large tank with Florida native fish. I'd love to catch them myself, but I will probably have to purchase them. I can easily catch Mosquito Fish, Bluefin killifish, Least Killifish, and Ghost Shrimp. Anything else I have caught are game fish and I couldn't keep. I'll have to purchase anything else I want to keep.

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