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Heating Tiny Fish Room

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Hi everyone,

I am slowly getting back into breeding and planning to turn a decent sized walk in closet into a fish room. 

I am thinking that it is probably going to be more cost effective in the end to heat a 7.5' x 5' room with 8' ceilings to 78 degrees, rather than dozens of individual tanks. Except not if it is using a space heater.

What would everyone recommend as the most cost effective way to heat a small room?

Thanks in advance!

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If you can rig a way to merge your mini fishroom with home heating, that would be excellent. If you have gas heat, perhaps a wall-mounted unit could be added, if that wouldn’t be against fire code or risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

There may be a cost-effective space heater option too. If your room is well-insulated, that’s perfect.

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