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My 2 plans for decoration of my fish tank ...

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So, hey folks i was planing to convert my bare bottom tank to planted fish tank for my oranda.

These are skeches of my 2 plans for the tank. Please tell me which one should i do since i cant choose...So There is this buddha statue common in both as i have ordered and i have some doubts regarding the 1st plan becuase i took this idea from this video so is the substrate correct and the substrate layering? and please tell me the information of plants. You can link the info .... Please tell me what equipments would i require and how do i maintain a planted tank...Perform water changes in the tank....Like do the plants require substrate and  which aquascape should i be making ? 

Please answer my queries in brief i, i will be aquascaping this tank in may month and will check the forums may month so be sure to answer all of my questions, its a request..


Plan 2.jpeg

Plan 1.jpeg

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