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Does anyone have experience using magnetics to attach wood panel skins to powder coated steel stand?


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Does anyone have experience using magnetics to attach wood panel skins to powder coated steel stand?

Watching Cory's 800 gallon aquarium videos, the removable magnetic attachment panel skins look fantastic.

Basic questions:

1. Source of magnets

2. Estimated size/strength/number of magnets required

3. Method panel ends are finished (butt; mitered)

Please include pictures of your cabinets

The removal panel skins would be for steel stand 84 inches Long x 30 inches Wide x 30 inches High with four doors.

The panel bottoms would rest on floor. Therefore, looking for magnets with capability to support panel weight.

The magnets must requiring enough removel effort to remove to prevent accidental separation from stand if 2-5 year old children pull on door handles.


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No personal experience. I was going to recommend Edmund Scientifics as they used to carry a wide array of very powerful magnets, but they're now just selling optics.  A little Googling turned up a "K&J Magnetics" that sells "mounting magnets" in three sizes with three different strengths. Their 1" mounting magnets hold 13.2 pounds. Their 1.5" hold 54 pounds, and their 2" hold 90 pounds. 

From a purely design standpoint, since the cabinet will have doors to access the stuff underneath, how often will you need to remove the whole panel? With smaller children I might be more inclined to go with a more securely fastened front panel that could be removed if needed but wouldn't come off easily. You have to remember that when a door is open 90 degrees and a small child grabs it in that configuration, that open door is now a lever and the force of the child is amplified. (A big issue with conventional furniture and small children.) 

If you start looking at latches instead of magnets you can find something like the Black Toggle Latch Clamps (photo below) on Amazon that would let you remove the panel fairly easily when needed, but hold it very securely when not needed. Simply open the doors, unlatch the latches and off comes the panel. They even have adjustability built in. and you get six for under $20.


black toggle latch clamp.jpg

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you make a strong point against not using magnets. 

I believe I may go to original thought and use tap and secure panel skins to stand with standard machine screws.


gardenman and CT_

I will keep my panel options open right now. I may order a few magnets for the countersunk hole to experiment with

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For what is worth:   I have several Neodymium magnets used in the retail trade to hang signage or whatever from the ceiling.  They measure approximately 3/16 tall by 3/4 in wide.  On a straight pull I know that each (1) magnet will hold 6# without separating, but that is close to the upper limit for mine.  Your child could separate it.  If I am reading your post correctly, the floor is supporting the panel weight, not the magnets.  The magnets are only keeping the panel upright.  More stress will be pIaced on the magnets from the weight of the open doors (leverage).  Simply opening the door will have minimal effect.

I'm not an engineer. How many and what size depends on your build.  Magnets in the corners with an additional magnet over each door might be more than adequate.  There is no defense against a child hanging on an open door except short screws. 

I am familiar with the K&J site, they offer a lot of information including some calculators.   This link might be useful  https://www.kjmagnetics.com/blog.asp?p=removable-panel Looking forward to pictures!

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