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Are my Golden Chinese Algae Eaters eating my plants?

Biff Jabroni

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I had an algae problem so I got 2 “golden Chinese algae eaters” exactly 1 month ago.

It’s been  a month and they’ve done an incredible job! I think they’re starting to eat my plants, though. (see pics)

I put in pieces of algae wafers but they ignore them. 

Any advice?





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A handful of fish can become plant eaters if they find them to be a source of desired nutrients.

If you keep a bare quarantine tank, you could move them in, and perhaps train them to take Bug Bites Spirulina flakes and Omega One Kelp flakes along with wafers, etc.

Otherwise, maybe build a floating containment box from plastic canvas sheets, put them in there, abs try feeding _your_ target diet for them. Maybe even blanched green beans, zucchini, etc.



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