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Shrimplets in Sponge Filter


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Hi all. So I had several berried female cherry shrimp and have been wondering where all the babies had gone. Well, I think I found them. While searching my tank over this evening, I realized that my sponge filter (from Aquarium Co-Op) is being used as a shrimplet playground. They’re crawling inside the sponge! Should I be concerned?

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 I wouldn't be. The sponge is a constant source of food and security. They'll just come out of the sponge as they get older.  I had boatloads of them on the large Co-op pre-filter sponge on my HOB, and didn't seem to harm them any. As they got bigger they'd hang out on the outside of the sponge, then eventually join the rest of the colony in the tank.


Also, welcome to the forum!

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