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Dosing Easy Green and no Nitrates

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Since I finally got my nitrite under control I'm trying to get my nitrate back up to at least 30ppm.

For the past two days I have been dosing 1.5ml (it's a 14 gallon tank) twice a DAY and have no detectable nitrate.

Those poor plants must have really needed some ferts 🤣

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I have the same problem, originally I turned to seachem nitrogen to supplement, on account of not wanting to dose massive amounts of easy green. But, seachem is way too weak and needs a massive dose to make a dent in my nitrates. Im currently on day 2 of using FlourinGro to supplement and so far im happier. The dosing instructions are way more precise and the product is more concentrated. (it looks as tho only 2ml ~ 2.5ml will raise my 36g by 10ppm). Whereas with seachem I believe ill need 15ml. You might want to look into it

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