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I've started to get back into twitch streaming and I'm focused on playing games but I was going to brand my twitch streams as aquarium keeping and cooking related. Branding in the sense that I can talk about cooking and fish keeping all day with random people online. As I'm putting things together to tie my themes together, I'm having a hard time finding media to use as "scenes."

For anyone unfamiliar with a scene in streaming, you can set what an viewer of your stream sees and it can be literally anything. It can be an image on your desktop, it can be your desktop, you can set it as a web browser link, anything. I've currently been leaning on my own rudimentary Photoshop skills to make very basic still backgrounds, or finding .gif files if I wanted some short animation type thing.


What I'm looking for exactly is either a gif of an aquarium that is heavily planted and gently swaying from a powerhead current, or an underwater shot of a river with tons of vegetation. The problems I run into while searching for them are things like

The loop of the .gif is too short

The quality is low

The resolution is low.

It's perfect...but it's saltwater/oceanic  :<


I tried making one of my own aquarium but the only recording device I have is my smart phone, and it doesn't look great since I don't have a way to hold the camera steady.

I'm also open to suggestions on how to get a good video of my own aquarium using a smartphone.


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On 3/24/2022 at 6:55 PM, Widgets said:

Would something like this work?

The title says free, but I would contact them to ensure it is OK to use. Not sure what else they have.


It's close, and very pretty, but not quite what I was looking for. Simply asking the owners of these vids was actually not something I had thought of. Thank you

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