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How to attach driftwood hanging down from lid into aquarium


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I am interested in the idea of a "mangrove forest" type aquarium, I have some random manzanita branches that were initially glued together to create wood formations but now I find myself along thinking how cool it would be to have them coming down from above, creating rooty structures for fish to hide in.

The YouTuber Fish for Thought has something like this, though his is a piece of spiderwood hanging over the tank edge I believe. Most of the pieces I have are not quite long enough to just rest on the bottom,  tripod-style, so I was thinking about putting a few little bolts through the wood and into the lid (greenhouse panel).  I am open to other ideas too if anyone is more creative than me.

Here's the one that FFT to illustrate what I am describing. I believe he has an account here but I have no clue what his username is.


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I have my wood attached to the end of the tank but I’d bet you could adapt this to a top.  I don’t know if greenhouse panel will be strong enough to hold much weight or even resist much current.

I attached wood to slate with screws (drilled holes through the slate using a masonry drill bit).  Then epoxied magnets to the slate with matching magnets outside the tank.  depending on how this does after I flood it, I may go for some stronger magnets on the outside.

I was planning on planting and flooding this tank on Monday or Tuesday but, well, life.  Going to try to work on it tomorrow, though.  I’ll be posting new pics in my 100 G Angelfish tank in my sig.



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@Odd Duck that was exactly my thought I would have used a scraper magnet, dremeled a hole for it  to expoxy it into a larger piece of wood that you could then in turn drill to epoxy the thinner branches into. Better than having them come down from  the lid where if they aren't removable they would make lifting the lid a major pain.

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