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Are powered blue dwarf gouramis peaceful..?

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A lot of it unfortunately comes down to the individual fish's personality. Dwarf gouramis are often recommended as a sole centerpiece for small community setups and have definitely worked out for a large number of people, but there are definitely some individuals who prefer swimming solo. When I was doing research on small centerpieces Irene's video here was among the first that I watched and it turned me off of them.

I think the most important thing here is to have a backup plan in case things don't work out.

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They're the same as the others in my experience. Mine did fine with guppies, danios, otocinclus, siamese algae eaters, peaceful fish like that, but that was in a 55g. I think in a 10g I would probably let the gouramis be the only fish, and use snails and shrimp, give the shrimp some good hides. 

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Most of the ones in pet stores are males, which tend to be territorial especially towards other 'gourami-shaped' fish.

Females are better behaved, but not as colorful, so you rarely see them.

I've heard honey gouramis are nicer, but can't speak from experience.

My choice has always been Pearl Gouramis. They're a little larger, but I've never had trouble with them in communities or with other gourami.

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