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Camallanus worms treatment


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I have one endler in my quarantine tank (his 3 brothers have already passed). I used the quarantine trio on them but there are definitely still problems. I saw what appears to be camallanus worms poking out his vent so now I know that's what I need to treat for. There are also white clouds quarantining with the endler. 

I also have a nano display tank with a few endlers and there is a worm issue there too (but I haven't seen symptoms of camallanus specifically in that tank). I added general cure the other day but noticed at the same time I also have hydra in that tank which I'd like to get rid of as well. 

So my question is levamisole or fenbendazole for my quarantine tank and display tanks? Levamisole seems to be the preferred med for camallanus worms but fenbendazole may treat the worms and hydra? Also i have a lot of detritus worms in my display tank, should I be worried about either of these medications killing the detritus worms and causing an ammonia spike?

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Yes, I saw that video and decided to go with the levamisole and follow the dosing instructions in the video. It's working but my fish seem to still be shedding worms. I treated for 2 days like recommended but I was still seeing so many worms on the bottom of my qt that I treated 4 days in a row doing 25% water changes everyday. (Granted, the concentration of the med is increasing a little but still should be safe.) Then I thought that I should try to not dose for a week and then come back with the repeat dose to prevent reinfestation from eggs but I was only two days off dosing and I see a worm poking out of my endler again. So I dosed again yesterday. 

I think its going to take a long time to fight off these worms and feel confident I've finally killed them all. I was not expecting it to be this hard to clear this up. I'm learning.

4 hours ago, ccurtis said:

I dealt with camallanus worms a while back in a guppy tank and the video below is how I treated. Worked like a charm. I am actually dealing with them again now in a different tank and again, this method is working well for me. I got the meds on amazon as the video recommends. Hope this helps. Good luck. 



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