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Another plant ID, please?

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Thanks, guys. I picked up the Cardinalis at a Petsmart or something on a whim. I really like how it's growing. Now that I know what it is I looked it up and seems it can carpet which is cool. That hydrophylla has really cool, giant but delicate leaves. The images on line make it look like it'll be really cool once it fills in. I got that one on CL from a guy just liquidating all his plants and fish to put his tanks in storage.

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@Corbidorbidoodle I hate to have to advocate caution regarding possible over-optimism in regards to carpeting, but unless you specifically bought Lobelia cardinalis 'mini', which was introduced by growers in 2004, regular Lobelia cardinalis will continue to grow and can reach over 3 feet in height, however mine seem to top out at around 19" mostly because I trim them at that point. After the trimming it takes the rooted part a good long while to look respectable, which is why many of my friends remove the rooted part and just replant the cuttings, I sometimes do the same, and give the rooted part away to anyone who wants them, they usually grow multiple side shoots that will cover the blunt end. and sometimes I've had them grow a new tip.

Another tidbit: Lobelia cardinalis is a bog plant that can grow both submerged, and emerged. If it is grown in bog conditions above water the leaves will be a very dark reddish green color and it has bright red flowers, while in the aquarium it stays mostly light green until it approaches the water surface, at which point the crown can display a very light reddish sheen.

If you are looking for a readily available somewhat similar plant to carpet that doesn't grow to the surface I would recommend Staurogyne repens available from Aquarium Co-Op. 


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