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Possible injury/hemorrhage/hernia, guppy


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Hey there NERMs! First, let me say that I don't think this fish is going to make it. However, I haven't seen a sick fish like this before, so I was wondering if anyone could figure out what exactly was wrong.

Of course it is my biggest, best female guppy. 😕 If you look at the pics, you can see what I *think* is a big internal hemorrhage! Definitely not normal coloration on the right lateral side, not on the gills. Looks almost like an extra gravid spot, but totally not in the right area. I am wondering if this could be a hernia of some type too- perhaps the fish was unable to pass the fry normally and they herniated into the abdomen?

Tank details: I dose Easy Green 6 pumps twice a week in this planted 60gal tank. Occupants are guppies, kyathit danios, pencilfish, bronze corys, and cloud minnows, as well as assassin snails and a fatty ole mystery snail. I feed a range of foods including frozen brine, frozen bloodworms, live microworms and banana worms, live baby brine, Fluval bug bits, Repashy community, Repashy Supergreen, Hikari algae wafer... (I have a food problem lol.) Not all on the same day, of course. I just rotate. Current pest snail population has regressed so I do not suspect overfeeding. Tank has been up and running for about 2yrs.

The fish had some white poo, but I'm not sure I would call it "stringy." See lovely poo picture attached. 💩 It does seem strange though, considering the range of colorful foods I feed. I have not ruled out parasites.

As of two days ago, tank parameters were as follows with the API master kit or related API liquid tests:

Nitrates, nitrites, ammonia are all zero.

Temp 70.9F

Gh 18

Kh 9

pH 7.8

HOWEVER, I compared this to the Tetra quick test strips after watching one of Cory's videos where he compared the two and found them to be the same. Mine definitely were not! Quick test strips:

Nitrite 20

Nitrate 80 😲 (I am considering reducing my Easy Green dosing after seeing this)

Ammonia 0.5

Kh 6.7

Gh and other parameters came out the same as above. I have checked expiration dates and both kits should be in working order, 2025 for the API kits, 2022 on the recently purchased tetra strips. (Planning to make this a separate post to further investigate why results were so different.) So either one could be right. 


It's a sad loss, and I'll put some aquarium salt in with it (isolated) to see if that helps, but I'm not too hopeful. She is on her side and REALLY not looking good, not moving much at all. But hey, always give it a fighting chance, right? Very curious to know what this looks like to everyone else. All other fish appear to be ok and behaving normally.

Update: I think it might have dies while writing this post. 😕





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Also, is this behavior considered "the shimmies" or is it normal?

I was just listening to the podcast of this week's livestream and how Cory was emphasizing you should take time to look at your tank daily. Well, I did today and now it has me second guessing what is normal lol!

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