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Corydoras-Ich or something else?


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I already ordered Ich X, but I just want some more opinions before treating. The first 2 pictures are the fish I noticed 2 days ago, yesterday I noticed another corydoras with a more "normal" looking ick type spot (3rd pic). I have eight of these guys, 6 hillstream loaches, one gold Gourami, and five endlers. Nobody has any spots except the two corys, the corys have no spots anywhere other than that one location (roughly the same location for both corys, just one has more of a growth vs a spot), and no more spots then they did when I first noticed. Which is making me wonder if it's really ich. I should add that nothing new has come into this tank in the last month.

Ph is 8, hardness 300, kh is 300, nitrate 20, nitrite 0, ammonia 0. Temp is 75ish





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