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Greetings, fellow nerms!

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Hey fish fam!  Long time keeper of fish striving to become a proficient aquarist.  Just moved to a new home, where I will be setting up a legit fish room soon.  Currently have 6x 10 gallon tanks, 2x 29 gallon tanks, and 1x 55 gallon as my main display (which is actually still at the old house until I can get some help to move it😒).  Fingers crossed that gets done this weekend.  Currently raising/selling mutt guppies, common bristlenose plecos, and cherry barbs in the smaller tanks.  55g is a planted community with Rainbows, Neon Tetras, Kuhlis, Cories, and a couple of oddballs thrown in.  Once the fish room is establish I plan on breeding new fish and trying new things.  Happy to be a part of this forum to share and learn together!  Here are a few assorted pics from my aquariums.









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