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Venus Flytrap

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Beautiful! VFTs are fun!

Mine didn't make it through dormancy since I forgot to water it, but my son's are doing well. I'm sure he will buy me another one to try again. :classic_laugh:

Your Xerographica is amazing! What do you have it sitting on?

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You might want to move it outside and leave it outside once it gets warm out (around May). Venus flytraps do not do well indoors long term as they need intense, direct sunlight and need a winter dormancy in order to survive year after year. Here in the PNW, it never gets too cold to kill them and there's no reason not to keep them outside too. By keeping them indoors, they will never get enough light and without a dormancy, they burn out similar to us pulling "all-nighters" every single night lol. Finally, while it is inside, I would remove the cloche cover on it, as they are native to bogs in North America with lots of airflow, not from uber tropical humid places like Nepenthes are. Nepenthes, tropical drosera, pings, or heliamphora make much better cloche-covered houseplants that I think you would enjoy! 🙂


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me as I used to work professionally with many carnivorous species of plants and still own one from every genus there is. Always a fun experiment to try to grow them indoors but like I said, usually does not end well long term 😅


Photos of a couple years ago when my bog planter was covered in snow vs when spring came lol

bog 2.jpg


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Definitely not beginner stuff - despite those being the place almost all CP growers begin!  In that way it reminds me of goldfish.  A common entry point, but not something that is necessarily easy to maintain long-term. 

I'll echo the advice that @brandonnaturally kindly provided.  When I talk to people here about growing VFT's, I tell them that they like "tomato heat and sun in the summer" and that they aren't tropical so they need a cool, though not cold, winter dormancy.  Dark helps too.  We are on the other side of the equinox as of today, so I am sure you can just continue growing it and worry about dormancy next year.  It's almost certainly on its first summer out of tissue culture, which gives wiggle room.  I would keep the top off the container though.  Fewer potential problems that way. 

VFT's are kind of a pain to grow.  My few live with my Sarrs.  They go outside in their tubs in the summer, and then sit on a dark, hopefully not frozen, shelf in my garage through the winter.  Actually, as I think about it, it's getting time for me to start doing the shoulder season shuffle (move them out in the day, and back during the freezing night).  Such a pain!

If, you are looking to add species, might I suggest the Cape sundew (Drosera capensis)?  You can grow it from seed, it's big and showy, it moves (not as fast as a VFT but does), is happy on a bright windowsill, and best of all for someone who seems to have a number of house plants - it devours fungus gnats! 

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I keep my Venus Fly Trap on my front porch here (Southern New Jersey) through January then move it back inside under the lights. It's the easy way to give it a cold dormancy it wants.  They grow very well and quite fast. Mine's probably four times the size it was when I bought it.

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