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What is this thing in my snail?

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I think I might have an idea, but since I dont know for sure I wanted to make sure it wasnt anything to worry about, and if it's not just tell me that dont have to necessarily tell me what it is


Also ignore the calcium deficiency, I'm working on it, I've got the same water cory has tho, or had I guess lol


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I suspect you are referring to what I think is a snail siphon--the protrusion just behind the antennae of the snail in the bottom right that is out of his shell. A siphon is a common structure on many mollusks which directs water across gills. In some it also aids in locomotion--jetting action in some shellfish and octopods.


Honestly, I didn't know Ramshorn snails had those, but now I am going to be looking hard at mine trying to spot them!

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Ramshorn snails don't have siphons or gills and breathe air through a lung organ often from the surface. The only Ramshorn snail that I'm aware of with a siphon is a Columbian ramshorn, but is a different species entirely. It's very hard to tell from the photo what you are looking at, but Ramshorns are known to have large skin folds on the left side, and they do sometimes protrude outwards. Could that possibly be what you are seeing?

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