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Weird eggs sack thing on the side of Cardinal


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Ammonia - .25

Nitrate - 70

Nitrite - 0

PH - 6

KH - 2

GH - 8

temp - 78°

This is the only fish with this. It’s acting normal. I’ve been gone for several weeks. It wasn’t really interested in food but didn’t run or sit around looking lethargic. When I tried to catch it the thing took off like a rocket. 





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Just noticed you have high nitrates they can effect fish immune system that Couple with the ammonia could be the cause I would do daily water changes and add prime to detoxify any ammonia and nitrates till ammonia at  zero nitrates are below 40 

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Didn't specify how low nitrates should be
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It’s something in the water here. No one I know in this area can keep the water 100% clear of ammonia. Mines barely green. I meant to put less then .25. As for the nitrites I did a 50% water change and added some prime. It’s down to less then 40 nitrates now. I’ll get it to between 20-40 and try and keep it steady there for the plants.

Also changed the filter and cleans it out with old tank water and added some KH booster to the tank. I can’t keep my tank above 6.2 ph. It’s all HTH sand. 

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