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On 3/21/2022 at 2:10 PM, Jacob Hill said:

cant wait to see your fishroom progress and do you have videos on the fishroom build. can you link the channel 

Thanks! Here are a few photos. Look me up on youtube under North Vineland Tropicals for videos. I'm not allowed to post a link.






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Air has been piped in. The metal needle valves are a pain to thread in by hand. I ended up using my drill to get them in the PVC. I ran lines to all my tanks even if they're not currently being used. The pump is very quiet, I only hear the bubbling of the sponge filters if I'm not directly below the pump. I am going to insulate the little shelf it's on as it's below my bedroom and I can hear it slightly while trying to sleep. If that doesn't work, I'll attempt to lower is a little so it's not completely boxed in.







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I haven't done any updates here in a while so here it goes. Things have changed quite a bit in my Fish Room corner of the basement. Not long after my last post, I had a heater malfunction that cooked my breeding group of L397's. By the time I noticed it was already too late. I moved them to another tank but none survived the night. My Uaru have bred twice so far this year. The last batch had 192 fry. The current batch looks like in the 70s but they won't be counted until I move them to a grow out tank. 

I've been shipping my Uaru around the country with mixed results. Most have arrived without incident. My biggest issue was shipping three adult Uaru and having USPS damage the box causing one of the fish to perish and one to be injured. USPS and PayPal claims later, everything is back to normal.

As always, please check out all my other social media. I'm North Vineland Tropicals on Facebook, Instagram, & especially Youtube where you can see videos of all the fish I'm selling and my 220 "mostly" South American cichlid show tank. 

I'll be at the O'FishShell 1st Anniversary fish swap on August 21st in Mountain Top, PA from 11am to 5pm. Last I heard there was close to 20 vendors and food trucks. Come out and buy some fish!

Now, here's a few photos of what's been happening.









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I attended my first fish swap on 8/21! I did okay. Sold a lot and brought some home. Also won a 75 gallon Marineland setup! I've painted the back and bottom flat black like the rest of the aquariums in the fish room.

I've picked up a few 75s for cheap and will be refurbishing them for use in the fish room.

Last night I added the 75 that I won to the rack. 



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