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Help with Moms Pond


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So my mom wanted a pond a while back so I helped her set up a small 40 gallon above ground Pond. Live in central California so temperature is okay all around for goldfish at least. The current stocking is one large shubunkin, two small (2.5 inch) shubunkins, two similar sized comets and two very small comets. It has a lot of water hyacinths and water lettuce. Two large sponge filters with a 60 gallon rated air pump. 

In the past three weeks we have lost three shubunkins, and two comets (in addition to current stocking). And currently the large shubunkin seems to have torn fins, and swims near the top of the pond (not gasping but almost). We have no idea what’s going wrong. I realize it was originally  overstocked (she kept adding more)

I upgraded the pump a few days ago since it originally had one rated for 20 gallons. And did a water change. Current parameters are 

Ammonia: 0

Nitrate: 15ppn


PH 7.3

Don't have a Hardness test. 

Any idea of what could be happening?  Pictures included of the pond, our Big shubunkin towards the top, and our most recent loss.

Update: We have lost our big boy as well 😞 have ordered quartile trio, current plan is to bring in the replacements and medicate them all together. 






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3 minutes ago, Cory said:

Did you quarantine or put any meds through them? Typically small comets like that are just barely a step above feeder fish and can run rampant with disease. 

I quarantined the original stocking. But the small comets were some of her addition and are sold as feeder fish from a local pet store.

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My current idea of treating as a result of Cory’s comment is the med trio, minus ich (guess it’s not a trio). In order to treat any potential diseases. My mom wants to replace one of the shubunkins she lost. Can I add it then start my treatment? Also any other advice welcomed!

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