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Java fern deficiency

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I was wondering if anyone could identify what my java fern is deficient of. I'm dosing tropica specialised nutrition 2 pumps per day and my tank is a 10 gallon, I have co2 and its about 1 bubble every 2 seconds, I'm using a JC&P full spectrum aquarium light at 50% for 8 hours a day. Also all my other plants are doing great and there's visibly no algae. The new growth from the java fern is healthy its mostly the old stuff that's turning brown. (sorry if the photos are not the best quality) 326041454_image1(2).jpeg.3d6aa8cca631cd5365961f65c6764ad9.jpegimage2.jpeg.427c229d082c03d2f78e928f99039865.jpegimage0.jpeg.63d7bab93a7b6fe441171d81072751c7.jpeg

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On 3/20/2022 at 6:48 PM, Biotope Biologist said:

My java fern does this and have done this in the past. I just cut the old leaf off and move on. I don’t think in this case it’s a deficiency, but I’m willing to be told I’m wrong.


Sometimes an old leaf is just an old leaf and the plant decides to no longer give it nutrients it dies and falls off.

Yes I thought that at the beginning but after removing multiple leaves I keep seeing new ones turning brown every couple days. So I’m pretty sure it’s a deficiency.

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