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Crushed Coral

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Whats everyone's favorite way of distributing melted CC around your tank. When I first started using i scattered it among my substrate, some areas melted better than others (yes I get some kind of weird kinky thrill out of watching it melt, don't judge me!!! 🤣). Anyhow, Today I noticed my kh in free fall and thought "can't be, I have pleanty of  crushed coral". Turns out, piling it in a corner doesn't give you the best distribution. When I disturbed it I got a huge crushed coral plume.... Which leads to my question, hows everyone distributing it? I'm not big on putting it in the filter since outa sight, outa mind. And I hate opening my filter, it always turns into a project....... Any suggestions? 

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I actually had pleanty scattered as well as piled so I didn't even consider my kh being low until I noticed signs from my anglefish. Which im a little confused over, were my plants/snails sucking it out of the water column faster than it melted? 

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