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New LPS Fish Discovery!


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Just had to post here because no one else in my family is quite as excited as I am!  I just discovered that the local pet store has started a REALLY nice fish section.  The owner's husband has come in on the business, and fish are one of his things.  It's small--about 20-25 tanks, but they're really nice and clean, they quarantine their fish, told a customer with a cichlid tank that the (very cool looking) farlowella catfish needs a mellow tank and would not be okay with their cichlid setup, and had a nice selection of typical livebearers with some really unusual oddballs mixed in.  Also got a high five for explaining to my son that the new fish (because, yes, we had to get some new fish, of course) would go into QT when they got home. 

Prior to this, the nearerst decent LFS/LPS with fish was 3 hours away!  My husband says discovering this is the worst news of the month...but he's mostly joking...I'm pretty sure 😉

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