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Cyanobacteria in Deep Substrate?

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I have cyanobacteria that I treated by Maracyn a few months ago, but that distinct smell keeps coming back. I can see it in the sides of my deep substrate and it keeps creeping up through the substrate every so often. I stir with a stick and the smell is gone for a bit, but it persists. I don't think the treatment was not able to penetrate the substrate.

Would It help if I treated again and permanently blacked-out the sides of my substrate?

I have a 29g planted community with about 3.5 - 4" of substrate (pool filter sand covered by crushed coral and aquasoil).

Filtration: HOB turned down for low flow on one side, and tiny sponge filter in opposite corner turned down to minimize splashing onto the lid.

Stocking: MTS, ramshorns, mini ramshorns, a few bladder snails, 4 nerites, 12 chili raspboras, 6 dwarf corydoras, many neocaradina, 6 amano, two pseudomugil gertrudae.

Water perameters: GH is through the roof, but keeping up with KH is tricky. I think the MTS are carbonate hogs with their super thick shells. 🙂



aquarium substrate.jpg


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Well the tank is beautiful first of all. Honestly I've never seen it done but it would be a cool experiment to black out the bottom of the tank along the outside and see if that helps. If I were in your position I'd probably treat the tank again after completing that blackout. Then you'll have to let us know how it goes. 

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