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Yellow scales on Bosemani Rainbow Fishs head


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Hello all.

One of my Bosemani looks like he has a yellow scales / Fungus on his head.

Temp is 79 degrees

PH. 7.5

Nitrates around 40 (planted tank)

Nitrite @ 0

Carbonate Hardness @40

Water is quite hard @180

We only have had two males in the tank for about a month, and this one is considerably smaller than the big one, who appears completely healthy.

Totally stumped honestly.  We were about to add 7 females to the tank but saw this.  No quarantine tank available either.  Wondering if someone has any ideas.  


Thank you in advance!IMG_20220318_184239.jpg.4d4c4b94ef33f6d7874599ba33ef7d4f.jpg

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Thank you for the quick reply!  Watched the tank for a few days and It seems like that is the case, just some bullying.  We noticed a bit of pushing around when we introduced all the single ladies, but it calmed down quickly.


Once again, thank you!

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